A world changing moment of 40 days of posting + roller skating + ayurvedic cure

So, the seventh day of my cure and the sixth day of posting. I had one day (my husband’s birthday) where I went wild and ate mussels and fries, all the other days were following my plans and I have to say I’m not starvingly hungry, I have this clean feeling throughout my digestive system, so I suppose it’s taking some effect. I wake up on a Saturday morning feeling tired but unable to go back to sleep. I’ve had my eight hours, so maybe I don’t need anymore. Like I said yesterday, I am now in this weekend limbo where I have a lot of things to do but have the psychological liberty to do whatever I want, but am stuck because I don’t know what leisure activity I need to choose. In reality I have to be out of the house in two hours to take my youngest to a roller skating party. At the time I thought it was a good idea to accompany the parents, now I just feel like some space and going to the gym…that’s what’s on the agenda so I will go. I will take photos and write a roller skating bonanza post tomorrow with all the highlights and make you laugh. As to the experiment, my self-doubt is creeping in – who wants to read this crap about a middle-aged white woman’s middle-class life? Why do I think I’m special and need to share this with the world? I suppose that’s what the 40 days is all about, doing things despite the doubt. I once had a self-help book called ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway’. That pretty well sums it up. So, with all that I do have to do today – roller party, house stuff (tidying, shopping, planning), dog walking and a post roller skating party where I will have to only drink water and avoid all snacks, this will be my post for today. I will leave it as it is – one long paragraph, totally not good for SEO and internet reading etc. – a bit like a book I read by an Austrian author whose name now escapes me – the whole thing was one long paragraph of rage against his parents and Austrian society for what they did to the Jewish people during the war. In the end he gives his whole fortune to them. OK enough. Saturday must begin – with my good weekend blessings! Catie

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