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Introducing a new range of learning courses to your internal talent

Your business challenge

You are introducing new learning courses to your internal talent – few people went to previous courses, you're hoping the new courses will be more attractive and relevant

Catie's solution:

Create cross-company excitement for the new learning offer. Motivate talent so they understand the importance of personal development to the company and to themselves.

How Catie’s team would bring this result:

  1. Make a situation analysis with a communications audit: how do people currently know about learning and development? Why didn’t people attend the last courses? Is there a business case for the new courses?
  2. Identify the gaps – what’s missing in your employee communications?
  3. Devise a communications plan to fill the gaps that works with your current communications channels.
  4. Create branded tools that can be used company-wide to attract talent to the courses and communicate their value
  5. Execute the communications plan according to your resources
  6. Measure results and adjust where needed

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