Day 2 Post, Day 3 of Cure – A Bit Fatigued with an Interesting ‘Yoga as a Commodity’ Twist

How sleep eluded me and a book on yoga intrigued me for after the 40 days

OK, so day three of my ayurvedic cure is going OK except that I didn’t sleep very well last night.

To begin I was very tired and had 3.5 hours of excellent sleep. But at 1:00 am that was broken and sleep eluded me.

When I can’t sleep, I try to stay in bed. I did have an insomniac phase during the pandemic, where I would get up and read or write but I realised it made me uber tired in the morning.

So last night, I tried this method with my husband sleeping next to me, despite his making me jealous as his snores marked his being in the continued magical realm of slumber. Sleep was nowhere to be found on my side of the bed – it had got up and wandered off. So, despite my theory of it being better to stay in bed, I decided to look for it in the kitchen. Sleep wasn’t there either, but I did find a (vegan) snack. The dog came with me and as I drank warm soya milk and ate nuts and a banana, she stared up at me with warm labrador eyes. I gave her a part of the banana that was brown as she weirdly loves bananas.

Following the feast we headed back up to bed but sleep was also still not waiting for me as I tossed and turned until what must have been 4:30 in the morning.

Sleep did overcome me though. It’s such a fantastic feeling when you’re looking for sleep and it’s only when you’re woken by an alarm clock at 7:00 am that you realise it found you, or your found it (I’m not sure which one).

I had proposed to take our son to school, but once I told my kind hubby about my night he saved me and let me sleep while he took care of the school run. From there came the usual bump-on effect of getting up later, doing yoga practice later, starting work later, later to finish, you get the gist. So an OK but not perfect day after a stressful night.

The day ended with going to the local bookstore because it’s my husband’s birthday. There along with his presents, I nearly bought a book for myself entitled something like ‘Yoga as a Part of the Capitalist System’. I read a bit of it and it expounded the theory that yoga had been taken over by the Western esprit, making wellness a commodity that gave its practitioner’s the notion that self-centredness was what was good – making people less focused on solving societal issues. I nearly bought it but didn’t, considering I’ve now embarked on a yogic cure for the next 37 days, and the fact that it will end with a three-day yoga retreat with my teacher of 10 years and other yogis.

I may read it and review it after these forty days – maybe a piste and motivation for further posts? We’ll see. For now I will keep up my quest to be well, commoditised or not, and keep on sharing my experiences, which I’m grateful to say received some lovely likes and comments yesterday on social media.

Thank you so much and talk tomorrow! Catie

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