New in patient empowerment – the EUPATI Toolbox

If 'patient empowerment' speaks to you - this Toolbox is for you

Are the words ‘patient empowerment’ a part of your vocabulary? If yes, then please find below a quick update on the EUPATI Toolbox – a source of information you need to know about, if ‘no’ I’d bookmark the website in any case – we are all patients in one way or another!

What is the EUPATI Toolbox?

Its an educational kit designed by EUPATI – the European Patients Academy of Therapeutic Innovation – that is now publicly available. A form of public library it aims to becomeĀ the information resource for patients and patient advocates in Europe on the research and development of medicines. It is available in seven languages.

What is EUPATI?

EUPATI’s goal is to teach patients and the public about the complex processes of how medicines are researched and developed. In doing so patients can become experts in this area allowing them to have a more authoritative and respected voice.

EUPATI is a collaborative project coming out of the EU’s Innovative Medicines Initiative. Since 2012 patient organisations, industry, non-governmental organisations and academia have worked together on the educational project. The results have been two training courses for 110 patient advocates. The second course runs until the end of 2016.

Along with the courses another major milestone has been the publication of the multilingual toolbox. EUPATI is aiming to educate over 100, 000 people.


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