Post Day 4, Cure Day 5 out of 40. Shouting in the City

Welcome to my 40 day creative experiment.

Today I’d like to explore the reason human beings don’t really enjoy other people standing out or doing things out of the ordinary when in cities – particularly shouting. The thought came to me when a man across from my tram stop, also waiting for a tram kept gesticulating at regular intervals – pointing his finger upwards while bending his elbow and shouting something inaudible at the same time. I know there’s something called Tourette’s syndrome where people have tics of this type and I guessed it was maybe the cause. Adults are nice around these types of people generally, people look once when initially startled, then go on with their business and ignore the phenomena, out of respect I think, which is nice to watch happening.

But it’s out of the ordinary, alarming and when nonviolent can make you laugh for the surprise it caused. So I’ve checked our magic interweb. Apparently shouting increases the activity of the amygdala – the emotional part of our brain and instigates our fight or flight reaction.

Yes, an interesting fact to know – maybe obvious to many but I’m glad I solved the problem for myself.

So, that’s it for today’s little exploration of my world. As to my cure, things are good in terms of eating the things I want to eat. My kitcheree – a veg, mung bean and rice curry – is really yummy now that the flavours have matured (I made a big batch on Sunday and have that for lunch every day). Just some supper to go, which is soup and hummus with gluten-free crackers…more filling than it sounds. Happy happy joy joy ❤️!

Hope your day’s been good – got three comments on LinkedIn for yesterday’s post – nice support from people for the initiative and was even told it’s inspiring :). That’s the ticket.

Happy evening! Catie

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