The Daily Dilemma – E-mail sign offs

Save time and be more successful – how to dally less on Email signatures

Should I give a smile, a wink…what will he think of a smile? A wink has sexual connotations, but a smile is happy, friendly, calm. I’ll keep the winks for later when I have said something funny. But do I really want to be funny and will he think my smile is unprofessional?

Nah, on rereading it’s no good but ‘kind regards’ is too stuffy. All I want to say is, ‘I look forward to hearing from you soon’. But that’s a lot of words. Maybe just ‘let me know’? Only three words but it’s kind of rude and expectant?

What about ‘just let me know dude?’ Casual, four words and dude is cool, maybe he’s seen the Big Lebowski and loves him as much as I do. But then again maybe he hates everything about the movie and is a right-winged liberal who has no time or space in his head for losers like Lebowski, or like me for that matter, someone who can’t decide how to sign an e-mail and who even takes the time to write about it.

What do I really know about my audience anyway? What’s the guy’s name? Leo? What is he a lion? With a name like that he has to be right-winged. Now I’m being a left-winged bigot, I hate bigots. I have to accept, I hardly know the guy.

Bigots aside, time to get a grip. What are my options?

 C – short, sweet, easy to read

🙂 Catie – warm, reminds him of my name

😉 Catie – cheeky, could be misinterpreted sexually

Kind regards, Catie Young – yawn, yawn

Best, Catie – what does ‘best’ mean exactly?

Yours, Catie – this is a sign off  a supplier of mine uses. I am continuously confused that she somehow now belongs to me…

Oh…whatever, no one reads how you sign off in mails, they only read the subject and the first two words…

Interested to know what the experts say? Read here on net manners or on and then there’s how to use emoticons or emojis (like there’s a difference :p)

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