40 day cure, 40 days of posts

It's time to better my writing practice because as Goldie once said 'I am a Practitioner'

Yesterday February 26, I started my annual ayurvedic cure that helps me to stay on track with all different elements of my life: work, family, passions, and my physical and mental health. It includes a daily yoga practice along with a vegan mono-diet – yay (sort of)! It’s hard but I love it because it makes me depend on good health for my everyday well being – not on coffee or tea, or a piece of chocolate, or butter on my bread.

That’s all off the table and there is only:

  • me
  • a healthy diet
  • the good energy it brings

to get through the day’s hurdles and emotions.

Stunning stuff! So, as a writer, who writes a lot for other people in the communication projects that I have the chance to consult on, there’s a part of me that is very frustrated – the part of me who wants to write for myself, and be recognised for it.

My clients like my writing and I get complimented on it, so why not realise my dream of having my name on something well-written and interesting?

So, with this year’s 40 day cure. I now pledge to also write a blog article each day and see if this frustration wanes, if by publishing something online every day, I start to get results of some sort – a change in my creative process that leads me to other things, and helps me to define and ease my frustration.

Voilà! One blog post done, two days of cure nearly done ✅

Kisses and hugs,

Catie Young, writer as well as a business consultant who works a lot in PowerPoint

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