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Turning a start-up business plan into a bedazzling communications effort

Your business challenge

You are a biotech startup, your idea’s a hit, the bank likes your business plan and you have received venture capital to move ahead for the next 3 years. Now it’s time to let people know you’re here!

Catie's solution:

A magnificent communications tool kit to help all the people in your company and the media communicate about your budding business.

How Catie’s team will bring this result:

  1. Well done on getting to this phase! We’ll need to have a good look at your business plan and see where you’re going to make money and how you’re going to scale up. We’ll delve further into the market and work out where your market value lies. What’s your industry’s value chain? Where do you fit? What are your customer’s needs? What are the segments? Which ones are underserved?
  2. We’ll identify key audiences at this starting stage, which market segment are you tackling first with your limited startup resource?
  3. Develop unique selling propositions/key messages for each audience
  4. Devise a communications plan and tools according to your resources
  5. Manage plan execution using internal resources
  6. Measure results

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