FIFA reframed – can I borrow some limelight?

Sad that the Mafia and FIFA allegedly share personality traits but maybe I can share their glare?

Amidst BBC headlines of ‘FIFA arrests spark sponsor concerns‘ and reports that the US is investigating and arresting top FIFA officials, I am ironically setting up my blog.

Why is this ironic you may ask?

Because I planned to publish a story I wrote for the 2014 football world cup, to showcase my work. I wrote it for a magazine about an exhibition by my talented photographer friend Jessica Hilltout and its link to the FIFA mega event.

Sadly, I failed to have it published. But I think it’s an all right piece with wonderful images that I want to share anyway.

So I was wondering how I could repackage it to fit 2015 and then BINGO!! FIFA and the FBI go and give me the perfect Search Engine Optimised opportunity!

Not only that, I also got the opportunity to catch up on my FIFA filth facts. First, I found a great quote from the US Internal Revenue Service boss saying, “this is the World Cup of fraud and today we are issuing FIFA a red card.” Yes, go get ‘em!!

Second, that the football organisation is a charity based in Switzerland. And in this lovely charity based in a tax safe-haven, a group of men receive millions of dollars a year to administrate it and even that amount of money is not enough for them.

They allegedly feel compelled to accept envelopes stuffed with dollars because why? They don’t own enough shoes? It’s all a little too Imelda Marcossy for my liking.

Sorry, I’ve strayed, but you get my point about greed…

For those of you who like a long read – please find here the piece written last year. I think it shows what football means to people beyond greed.

Limelight shared? This remains to be seen, hopefully not left in the shadows…

rubber ball
A taste of one of Jessica’s many photographs of the ingenious balls made in Africa

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