Good Intentions, 40 Day Cures and Writing Every Day

I return to this ‘writing every day’ commitment sadly defeated as I didn’t manage to keep up with my blog every day for the 40 days – I did do the cure up to its end and I finished it with a yoga retreat. The physical and mental results were of feeling really fit and well throughout the four days of chanting, yoga and walks in nature because of having cleansed my insides for 40 days before.

So, I was disciplined on the feeding myself and the physical yogic part but not on the writing. Why was this? The motivation for writing went when I decided not to publish regularly on LinkedIn because my daily posts weren’t getting the traction, the likes and views, the openly public merits of social media success that is accompanied by a dopamine hit. And this was embarrassing – too embarrassing to keep going.

40-day experiment – learnings

So what did I learn? LinkedIn is not the right platform for this type of exercise – maybe I should try it on Facebook next year? On tictoc with a daily video…?

But then I cringe because I’m not a ‘natural’ at social media – I feel embarrassed and curiously hurt when I put myself out there and no one (or very few people) respond. I also don’t like sharing pictures of myself and making pouty faces – but I know these work the best.

Maybe also my cure was not a good topic for the ego boosting world of social media – perhaps because for me it was about getting close to my inner self and moving away from living an ego-led existence.

I want to crack this world though, understand it as someone who started my working life with the very beginnings of the internet and as someone who has witnessed it develop into what it is today – at once a total-AI-determined-mysterious shambles as well as an amazing interlinked world providing a wealth of enormous possibility to all creatives.

So what should I do next? I think I will keep my cure to my inner self and find other topics to share that are less close to my ‘egoless self’ and continue taking on this challenge of social media…and be less hurt when I don’t get the likes and the dopamine hit and keep on trying. I also think that I should start working with LinkedIn Premium – I imagine when I start paying for their services, more people will be able to enjoy my musings?

Time will tell and with this post I put an end to this 40 day experiment. Thanks if you followed it – I’m grateful!


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