It’s Friday and the weekend – one of my favorite evenings

So it’s late and I watched Dragons Den that I taped on the BBC and then ‘The Gentlemen’ a Netflix movie – full critical review to come tomorrow. I’ve had it and I’m going to sleep, but I did manage to open my computer and draft this post – Happy weekend to you and me and the rest of the world!!

I hope, if a weekend for you means justified ‘time off’, that you enjoy it. I like weekends but I find them difficult because theoretically I can do whatever I want, yet I still feel like I should be doing nothing, and yet I have a lot to do…The Germans call that ‘Freizeitstress’ (leisure time stress). Now I feel guilty for having the luxury of a weekend and not being 100% able to splash around in it in full weekend abandonment. I have to stop because I don’t want to get marose and tired about the psychology of a white middle class girl’s weekend.

Talk to you tomorrow – Saturday. Tomorrow I am going to a roller skating rink for the first time in 30 years. I have roller skating rink stories to tell – I promise myself that I will write a full blown story tomorrow. It’ll do me good.

Good night. Oh and this is now Day 5 Post and Day 6 of Cure and all is well, even if I would love a coffee and a beer, not necessarily together but you get what I mean. LinkedIn was less active but thanks to those who gave me a like. Now it’s really good night! XX Catie

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