LinkedIn decision good on strategy, bad on motivation

So, six days have passed since my last post – I had planned to post everyday for 40 days but this has been well and truly blown out of the water. Why? I removed the pressure of the daily LinkedIn post to alert people to my articles and the motivation was no longer enough to overcome the fatigue of all the other things I had to do in my day.

On top of this I started back at the St Josse Art Academy where I am learning to become an art teacher (how cool is that?). I have to go at least two evenings a week so that I don’t get in trouble for not going enough. I love it but it’s an extra time and energy zapper, one that was not there when I started this experiment, as the school was on holidays.

How am I feeling? A bit blitzed by work and family pressures. I also had a big client meeting where I went astray on the cure meal plan and really went astray on the cure drinks plan as I started to enjoy a bit of alcohol with my meal that then suddenly turned into cocktails at the end of it all (I discovered the ‘Old Fashioned’). Somebody kept ordering rounds and they were delicious and suddenly I’d drunk three of the things (not to mention the orange juice-presecco and the red wine at dinner).

I don’t know about you, but I’m a fun drunk but a TERRIBLE hangover person – I’m really down in the dumps the next day. This, added to the fact that my cure was severely off track added to a couple of wound-licking hang-over recovery days.

Anyway, it’s not life changing or shattering. I feel I need to ‘forgive myself’ and move on. So I am doing that, am back on track with the cure, as from yesterday. Now I just need to find out if I didn’t say anything too stupid to the people around me and just hope the other people were drunk enough not to remember if I did…

Beyond this folly, I’m glad to be back on the page – still heading down the 40-day track. Now that I’m back, I’ll see if I post daily, I’ll try to, but I also have to be realistic and accept my limits (something I’m working on) and also work on not beating myself up about it if I don’t stick to my daily post and and be happy for the privileged life that I currently lead…lessons for today.

Talk soon 🙂 Catie

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