The seventh day of habit changes! A week has passed…

A busy day back to work as it’s Monday – it was a rewarding work day, I moved ahead on an important presentation for a client. We had some good meetings that made me feel useful and I enjoyed it. After helping my daughter writing the introduction to her bachelor’s thesis, I’ve fought my way through some admin and am now writing this to end the day. It’s already a bit past 11:00 pm and I’m tired and I realise I’m hungry – too hungry to go to bed.

The cure is going fine and it’s the first evening that I’ve been really hungry. I’ll eat some vegan snacks and a make hot drink and then head to bed.

As far as people reading and following my experiment, thanks to those who are giving me support – really nice. Apparently posting personal blogs doesn’t get much traction in the way of new followers on social media, but I’m OK with that, if a bit disappointed at myself as a communication person to not to be aware of this fact. I’m a bit tired of everything having to have a reason for being and thinking I can’t do something if it’s not the ‘best’ way of doing it and it doesn’t make perfect sense. I’m giving it a go, I’ll learn as I go and move from there – and be richer for the experience.

That’s it for today, need a snack and my bed 🙂 Catie

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